WBS Landscape Maintenance Services



Our services include:

  • Lawn Mowing, Edging & Trimming
  • Spring Clean-Up
  • Fertilization
  • Shrub & Hedge Trimming
  • Shrub & Flower Planting
  • Fall Clean-Up
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Sweep or blow walks and garages
  • Remove litter and debris
  • Clean the perimeter


  • Property Managers
  • Office/Facility Managers
  • Administrators, and more


Spring Clean-Up
Clean up of yard, thatching of lawn, (to loosen dead grass), rake yard, clean flower beds and bushes, remove all debris.




Fertilization Program:
Six applications:

  • April – crabgrass preventer and lime application
  • May – broadleaf weed control
  • June – weed and feed
  • July – insect control
  • August – grub control
  • October – winterizer fertilizer and lime application

Lawn Services
General maintenance, cutting of lawn, trim edges, sweep walks and driveways.

Three choices of mulch color, delivered and spread in areas specified by you.

  • Red Hemlock Mulch (dark reddish color mulch)
  • Pine Bark Mulch (brownish color mulch)
  • Black Forest Mulch (darker blackish color mulch)

Bushes/Hedges Trimmed
Bushes and Hedges as needed, bushes.

Flower and mulched beds weeded.  Driveways, patios, walkways and street gutters weeded and weed deterrent applied.

Lawn Aeration
Lawn aeration supplies the soil with air, reduces soil compaction and controls thatch in lawns to help water and fertilizer move into root zone.

Fall Clean-Up
Leaves are removed and disposed of throughout the fall.


Please contact us for a free quote on any new or ongoing project.
Mike Lisenko – email: mike@winebev.com, cell: 707-299-0856 or Craig Hamilton email: craig@winebev.com cell: 707-548-1640